Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wedding Toast Examples

Wedding toasts and wishes are the important things that you should pay enough attention, because they will remain forever in the archives of the new family. The wedding cards with greetings are oftly kept for a big amount of time in the future, and they are many times opened and reread it, so be careful what you are going to wish for newlyweds and in what style you are writing them.
We will offer you an examples for wedding toasts and wishes. On this page we have collected those which are suitable for toasts and greeting cards for a wedding. You can use them as they are, or change them as you wish. Be original! Congratulations! High-performance and flawless.

Let roses to decorate your way, continue to live in the embrace of love, and let your every dream thought to come true.

Live in peace, be happy and healthy, and do not forget about this day!

Let your life be a collection of happiness and joy, and in the future - let your love spread around you, like an magnificent view from the top of a huge building!

Dear friends, We wish you a happy life together. Let health, happiness and love are your eternal companions. Together face the dangerous which will come against you in the future and fulfill all of your dreams, together. We've already made the first step in your bound together, I wish you many successful moments for future.

Be healthy and happy and very, very patient! Remember the old tale which says that marriage is like a potion, which everyone boil by themself, but you have to share yours, together!

Love and desire, to follow your path! The life together won't be just fulfill with roses and dreams, because there is thorns ... But wherever have a lovely reigns, the pricks do not hurt!

You've decided right now in this moment, this time to mix your two lives into one. You've decided right now in this moment, to be together, and to be burn by the flavor burning touch of the fire, which is called love. And a lot of joy, strength and life to accompany you, throughout that path. Protected by the large sky over you, which keeps whispersing you: "Stay always together."

Be together in everything necessary, even simple things in your life together. Only through this way, when the years are hard you will be able to conquer the world, together. Do not ask for things which are impossible from each other one good word should be more then enough. Experience every single last anxious minutes till your hair start grows with silver colors. Let your eyes to look over the same location, hands to caress a hair of an obedient kids. Your feet to keep follow the same path - the path of joy!